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Sea-Scape and Landscape

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25 photos
Created 12-Jun-16
Modified 12-Jun-16
Sea-Scape and Landscape

People and Places

Visitors 79
14 photos
Created 29-May-16
Modified 29-May-16
People and Places

Abstract and Texture

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5 photos
Created 2-May-15
Modified 2-May-15
Abstract and Texture

Still Life and Nature

Visitors 106
41 photos
Created 27-Mar-17
Modified 27-Mar-17
Still Life and Nature

Client Access

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Modified 27-Dec-17
118 photos

Irish Photographic Federation LIPF Distinction Panel

Visitors 47
11 photos
Created 17-May-15
Modified 17-May-15
Irish Photographic Federation LIPF Distinction Panel

Recent Work

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35 photos
Created 13-Oct-17
Modified 13-Oct-17
Recent Work

Guestbook for All Photographs
Philomena Calnan(non-registered)
Dermot this site is Amazing I can't believe the amount off work you have done thank you so much for sharing it with us all to see.
Hi Dermot, your pictures make me want to be in them. They are beautiful and I can only imagine the amount of time a patience you have invested to get such shots.

Excellent work and such a creative eye.
If Carlsberg did photography this would be it! Wow. Love the shots. I'll be ordering some of these.
Ciaran M(non-registered)
Hi Dermot - just to let you know that I have placed a backlink on the Risotrante 377 website to your own site: (foot of page)
Winnie, Keith K, Natalie, Julie, Owen(non-registered)
Great website and even better pictures! Keep up the good work! All looking forward to seeing more!